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Hormonal birth control a carcinogenic to humans

Posted on 27 May 2009 by admin

A 2005 press release stating the connection of hormonal birth control and cancer made plenty of headlines when it associated the pill with a lowered risk of ovarian cancer. The very same press release also pointed to findings of a higher risk of breast cancer among women taking the pill. Somehow this news did not have the same impact. One of the few times that good news overshadowed bad news. The contents of that document however should not be ignored or forgotten.

Breast cancer and endometrial cancer are increased
Epidemiological studies consistently demonstrate an increased risk of breast cancer in women who used combined menopausal therapy. Largely confined to current or recent users, the risk increases with duration of use and exceeds that in women taking estrogen-only therapy. Endometrial cancer risks depend on the number of days that progestogens are included in the
combined therapy. When progestogens are taken fewer than 10 days per month, the risk of endometrial cancer is increased, but when progestogens are taken daily, the risk is similar to that in women who never used hormonal therapy. There was not sufficient evidence to conclude that hormonal therapy has a protective effect at any cancer site.

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